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The Keurig Coffee Maker: Enjoy A Fresh Cup Of Coffee, Every Time!

If you like coffee, you'll love the convenience of the Keurig coffee maker, which makes it easy to quickly brew and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee anytime of the day with your choice of over 200 Keurig K-Cups.

Bring the quality of the coffee house right into your kitchen! The Keurig coffee maker offers freshly-brewed, gourmet beverages in less than a minute, without any setup or cleanup, at the touch of a button. With Keurig coffee brewers and Keurig K-Cups, you'll have consistently delicious coffee, cup after cup after cup.
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How To Clean / Descale Your Keurig Coffee Maker

Like any other appliance, your Keurig machine needs cleaning and maintenance. Check out our Dezcal descaler product that makes it safe and easy to clean away deposits of calcium and lime scale that can build up over time in your Keurig coffee maker. Use the Dezcal™ descaler on a regular basis to keep your coffee consistently tasting great! 

When It Comes To Keurig Coffee, There's A K-cup Flavor For Everyone.

With over 200 varieties of Keurig coffee, tea, hot cocoa and specialty beverages to choose from, there's sure to be a flavor for everyone in your home or office. Keurig K-Cups even come in iced varieties! Just brew over ice for deliciously refreshing iced coffees and teas.

Keurig brewers are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors for the perfect fit at home or at the office.

It's Easy To Use Your Keurig Coffee Machine: Just Pour, Press, And Enjoy.

The Keurig coffee machine takes all of the setup, mess and fuss out of making your own coffee. Just pour fresh, cold water into the Keurig machine's reservoir. Press a button, and the water is heated to the optimal temperature. Select the cup size (large or small), and the water is pushed cleanly and mess-free through the Keurig K-Cup into your waiting coffee mug.

If you're looking to get started with your first Keurig coffee maker, check out our Keurig Starter Collections!

Hate Cleaning? Then You'll Love The Keurig Coffee Machine.

With Keurig coffee brewers, cleanup is a snap. Just toss the Keurig K-Cup into the trash and you're done! There's no mess to worry about and you're always ready to make your next delicious cup of coffee, cocoa or tea.

Keurig K-Cups are for use in Keurig machines only.