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Caffe Crema Dolce 100% Arabica Espresso Lavazza BLUE Capsules

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  • Caffeinated
  • Medium Roast
  • Multipack
  • 100 Lavazza BLUE Capsules
  • Not compatible with Keurig Coffeemakers
  • Designed for Lavazza BLUE machines only

Lavazza BLUE Caffè Crema Dolce 100% Arabica Espresso begins with a blend of superior quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from select coffee plantations in Brazil and India. This unique combination produces an excellent and well-balanced espresso with fragrances of vanilla and liqueur. Caffè Crema Dolce Espresso also offers a thick hearty texture with density and substance. Many enjoy the sweet nature and soft velvety consistency. You will find that Lavazza BLUE Caffè Crema Dolce is ideal for a Long espresso shot and retains an insistent creaminess. Specially designed, Lavazza BLUE capsules work only in Lavazza BLUE Espresso machines. This multi-pack contains a total of 100 Lavazza BLUE Caffè Crema Dolce Capsules.

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