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Solofill® K-onverter™ Keurig® Vue® K-Cup® Adapter

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  • Compatible with Keurig® Vue® Brewers
  • Use K-Cup® Pods with the Vue®
  • Removable adapter for easy cleaning
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Works with: Keurig® V500, V600
  • V700, V1200, and V1255
  • Save money-use any K-Cup Pod

The Solofill Converter is necessary if you own the Keurig® Vue® Brewing System. The Solofill® K-onverter™ works with the Keurig® V500, V600, V700, V1200, and V1255 Brewers letting you use any K-Cup® Pods with the Keurig® Vue®. The Solofill® K-onverter® uses the Decaflo Hot Water Spray Head with ten vertical inlets providing an even hot water saturation while preventing backflow during the brew cycle. Now with Keurig® Vue® cups all but gone, there is no reason to replace your Vue®. Save money and extend the life of your Keurig® Vue® with this convenient K-Cup® adapter.

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