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Variety Regular Coffee Box K-Cup® Pods

Green Mountain Coffee®
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  • Caffeinated
  • Dark Roast
  • Extra Bold
  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • 22 K-Cup® Pods per box
  • Keurig® 2.0 Brewer Compliant

With the Coffee Sampler from Green Mountain Coffee®, you will receive twenty-two (22) K-Cup® Pods allowing you the opportunity to sample a light roast Breakfast Blend all the way through to a Dark Magic Extra Bold coffee. Green Mountain reserves the right to adjust the contents of the regular caffeinated variety box based upon product availability. All of the 22 K-Cup® pods are caffeinated. The Regular Variety Box is also known as the Regular Coffee Sampler is a great way for new Keurig owners to sample a few of the many Green Mountain coffees. If you find the French Roast or Dark Magic Extra Bold a bit overpowering, try brewing a larger cup size.

wasted my money on Variety Box


My 1st time to order the variety box. I personally thought the Breadfast Blend on 8 oz was like drinking hot water with cream and sugar. Emptied my cup and tried the Medium blend which taste a little more like coffee but still not for me. I have not tried the Dark Roast yet so maybe it will be ok. I just need to stick to my usual brand of Peets and Donut Shop. Will not reorder the Variety Box. My rating of 2 is based only on the experience with the Variety Box of G.M. I would give my usual brands of Peets and DoNut Shop a 5*

Birmingham, AL, United States


Great features


I bought this as a Christmas/Thank you gift . They absolutely love it .

Savannah, GA, United States


Wonderful Coffee


I am new to the Keurig family and this was one of the first coffees I tried. It is a great selection that lets you sample the different blends. I was not familiar with Green Mountain but am a huge fan now. The variety covered your choices well and I thoroughly love this coffee. Some was a little strong for me, because I drink my coffee black, but it was good for a change, I just used a bigger mug and brewed a large cup then a medium cup with the same pod into the same cup and it mellowed it well. This is still a super selection to help you find what you like best and gives you the opportunity for something different instead of the same kind every time you brew. Count me in, I'm a big-time fan!

Salem, Va.


Variety Regular Coffee Box K-Cup® Pods

4.0 3


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